Olive trees and extra virgin olive oil have always been part of the Tuscan history and tradition.

We have to thank all the people that in the past years worked hard this land and all the farmers that today continue to care for these trees that represent our greatest treasure.

The Consortium Tuscan extra virgin olive oil PGI is born in 1997 with the mission to guarantee the authenticity of the oil produced exclusively in this unique area that is Tuscany.

To obtain this designation all stages of production, from harvest to the oil extraction, to bottling, are mandatory to take place within in Tuscany; chemical and organoleptic qualities are also checked (by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture) to find its compliance with the disciplinary measures.

Each bottle is well recognizable by the lablel around the neck of the bottle with an impressed number: this code guarantees a clear tracability of the product.DSCN1946

The olive varieties used to make a Tuscan Extra virgin Olive Oil PGI are moraiolo, frantoio, pendolino and leccino, however other native varieties are permitted.

This kind of extra virgin oilve oil has a strong connection with the territory that makes it very versatile with also many different flavours such as odours of artichoke, ripe fruit, bitter and spicy taste.